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Tourists to the UAE must visit Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Covering an area of some 25 km this place is the most flourishing tourist hotspot of this Emirate. This man-made island has attractions for all age groups. Families with kids will enjoy the Warner Bros. The adventurous would love the lightning-speed Formula Rossa ride at Ferrari World. The Yas Marina circuit will leave “Formula 1” fans speechless! This paradise is named after a tribe of the region and is the place for enjoying Abu Dhabi the best.

Yas Island Attractions

Let’s figure out the top attractions of Yas Island where you can go and chill out with your family, friends and dear one:

Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World

It is among the first attractions built on Yas Island. This greatest indoor theme park ever features attractions with Ferrari themes and houses the lightning speed roller coaster, Formula Rossa. Visitors can make out the iconic red rooftop of the theme park from miles away.  The word “torque” beings to mind the Formula Rossa. This roller coaster speeds to 240km/h in 4.9 seconds!

Visitors get to see some of the most iconic cars of Ferrari from close and even do a tire change. People must reserve a great part of the day to enjoy the park. Visitors can buzz by queues by getting the Quick Access Pass.

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Address: Yas Island, Yas Dr St, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Yas Water World

Yas Water World

It’s the most imposing water park in the Middle East. Built as a tribute to the Emirati legacy of Pearl Diving the place is the perfect retreat from the scorching sun. Attractions include suspended roller coasters, Exhilarating slides, and splash fun. Four “thrill” levels cater to people of all age groups. Yas Waterworld has everything for families to have a day full of action.

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Address: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Warner Bros

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi Entry Tickets

There isn’t a better place for realizing superhero dreams and enjoying the happy-go-lucky childhood times of comic books and cartoons. This place has 29 exhilarating rides and “live” enjoyment spread over six themed lands. This recent addition to a family-friendly attraction on Yas Island is perfect for living the life of comic heroes.

You can enter in this fantastic place by booking the Warner Bros Abu Dhabi ticket.

Address: Abu Dhabi, Al Falah Rd, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhbai

This circuit is considered amongst the finest F1 tracks worldwide and features the lengthiest straight of 1.2km! There is much in store for the F1 fan. Fitness enthusiasts must try and visit this course on a Tuesday. Walking, running and cycling around the track of 5.5 kilometers is free on Tuesday nights.

Address: Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Island, PO Box 130001, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E


Visitors can enjoy Yas Island and Abu Dhabi from high above. Onboard the hi-tech Cessna seaplanes visitors enjoy extensive views of the Ferrari World, Yas Marina Circuit, and Yas Links.The Abu Dhabi cityscapes take on a new shape with buildings, colours, and geographical features that visitors didn’t know. Visitors will cherish this experience.

Some other attractions that deserve a visit are Yas Kartzone, Sea World, Fun Works, Emirates Park Zoo, and Yas Beach.

Free enjoyment for visitors in Yas Island

Yas Mall, the greatest mall in Abu Dhabi, is in Yas Island. The Mall offers an exclusive retail experience with several deluxe brands and standard fashion outlets.

Visitors can capture a selfie at the high indoor fountain-like structure for free. The fountain with its height and conspicuous blue colors makes fora selfie that will make Instagram followers go wow!

Check out the key rings, fridge magnets, and other small gifts. All gifts have the ‘I heart UAE’ logo emblazoned.

Lovely handmade carpets are on sale at FBMITextiles. Visitors get to see carpets fashioned from cotton and wool from Afghanistan and dyed with customary natural colors.

The futuristicAldar Headquarters is visible from quite a distance. It is the first circular high-rise in the World.

Kashka is a good place to be with various nice-looking, embroidered jalebis. Jalabiyas are customary kaftans that are indigenous to the Gulf. The variety on display is amazing.

Yas Marina has quite a few free activities for kids and adults.

The Children’s Shaded Playground at the far end is a safe place for kids to play. A large grass space nearby is ideal for families to play, run around, and chuck a ball.

The films are held outdoors on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM.

Starting from dusk on Fridays the whole family can enjoy a film for free in the open air on the promenade.  The movies hosted include various PG-rated and animated cinema in English.


Yas Island has unlimited fun for Visitors. There are several packages that visitors can book. They can stay travel around fantasy worlds, enjoy the sun, shop at the deluxe Yas Mall, and enjoy international cuisines.

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Yas Island Attractions – Top Things to Do in 2020