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Wild Wadi Reopens

Wild Wadi Waterpark now reopened

Wild Wadi Waterpark has now been Wild Wadi Reopens for tourism and everything else.

After three months of lockdown which sent everything in Dubai tanking and/or getting frail, the dynamic city has reopened. Tourist attractions in Dubai are also reopening. And as the title has it, Wild Wadi Reopens

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The waterpark owned by owners of the iconic Burj Al Arab is welcoming you and your family back for the most stunning recreation and aquatic adventure. Given fun at the top of its agenda, Wild Wadi Waterpark™ offers a host of exciting rides and attractions for families, thrill seekers and those simply looking to stay cool in the summer heat. Throughout the waterpark, paths have been resurfaced with state-of-the-art anti-slip flooring that disperses heat so that guests can stay comfortable and cool while they explore, even at the hottest time of the day. Please learn more about Wild Wadi.

On the Coronavirus, Wild Wadi is strictly following the directives of the UAE Government and have extensive preventative measures in place for the safety of all. Its guests will have temperature checks on arrival, will be required to wear masks when transiting public areas and must strictly adhere to all social distancing measures. You should see how to stay safe in Dubai during the Coronavirus.


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Wild Wadi Waterpark Now Reopened As Dubai Reopens for Tourism & Everything Else