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Dubai Fountain 2020

The Fountain Show is counted among the largest artificial fountains in the world. It is the charm of Downtown Dubai and a place, every tourist must visit. The display is charismatic, with water waves swaying in alternating linear and curvilinear patterns. The water streams dance beautifully in symphony with background music. Dubai’s multi-colored musical fountain is a Guinness world record holder.

Dubai fountain show

Dubai musical fountain is an engineering marvel, creating an architectural impact. Nature has provided humans with a unique capability. Humans can utilize scientific principles to create celestial fancy and Dubai fountain is a specimen.


Situated on Burj Khalifa Lake, the Dubai fountain is spread out over a massive area of 30 acres. The credit for the design goes to California-based WET. The design became a visual reality in June 2008. The design and construction of the fountain incurred a massive expenditure of about 800 million AED. On 1st July 2008, it was named Dubai Fountain, following a naming contest. Initially, the fountain could shoot water up to the altitude of 500 ft, which is equivalent to a 50-story high building.

Things to See at Fountain Show

As the music begins, one can see serpentine streaks of bright light and then gushing water streams rising and falling. Soon, the water streams rise to great altitudes.  The stage looks elegant in the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa tower. The colored light rays superimpose and change positions, making the overall scene scintillating. Background music adds to the thrill. Dubai Fountain is a rare destination where waves of light, music, water, and architecture synergize.

Celestial show with lights, color, music, and water

 The music is a spectacular blend of contemporary and classical music. The fusion of oriental and occidental music, add to the cosmopolitan factor.  The viewer can observe and feel the smooth transition of colours. With its streaks of radiation, the overall scene becomes a visual masterpiece.


Dubai Fountain consists of high-pressure water jets and shooters. There are 5 circular jet formations in the lake. These shoot water to alarming heights. Water robots perform the role of moving water streamlines in tune with the background score. The show has a celestial feel. The visitor will feel eternal bliss as if viewing angels dance on earth.

Memorable Experience

Varying shades of colored light rays intersect, vanish, reappear, and superimpose, creating chromatic and luminous streaks to add to the visual excitement. The overall scene is so magical, yet so smooth and pacific.

Exploring the reasons behind the magic

Dubai Fountain gets recognition for its architectural splendor, while engineering is on backstage. Not everyone thinks about its technical details like recirculating system mechanics. Even fewer know that the shapes of water, depend on the rotary nozzle designs.

Invisible components like underwater LED fountain lights make it possible to achieve almost any color shade through RGB combinations.  Fountain distributors like solenoids and frequency converters are a part of the operating assembly. High-capacity reciprocating pumps produce gallons of water for creating the game.


One who wants to have a closer look can capture its view from Dubai Fountain Broadwalk. Alternatively, one can have a relaxing experience by opting for a lake ride.

Show Timings

 Tourists can watch it in the afternoon between 1 to 1:30. Else, they can opt for an evening show which starts at 6 PM and goes on till 11 PM. Tourists from all over the world assemble in huge numbers. The atmosphere is jubilant with claps of excitement. The mesmerizing light and show begin at 6 PM.

How to Reach

 It is quite close to the Dubai Mall, which is accessible easily through me.

Address: Fashion Parking, Dubai Mall, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, U.A.E

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The Dubai Fountain Show 2020