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Qasr al-Hosn was built as a watchtower to defend the sole freshwater well in the emirate of Abu Dhabi in 1761. It is present along First Street and the Cultural complex is within its premises. Ruler Shakhbut bin Dhiyab Al Nahyan expanded the well by building an inner fort in 1795.  The outer palace was completed in 1945. 

Qasr Al Hosn

It was shut down for renovation in the year 2008 and huge renovations were made that ended in 2018. Now, the place is a museum.

Things to see at Qasr Al Hosn Museum

Rare artefacts, documents, Innovative installations, and ordinary objects at the Qasr al Hosn enlighten visitors on the past of Abu Dhabi.  They document the lives of ancestors over the centuries.

The sequence of documentaries at the exhibition halls in Qasr Al Hosn educates tourists regarding the culture of the UAE. Interactive visuals and the sort throw light on the historical policies taken here. Tourists get to view a supremely impressive archaeological selection including materials as old as 6000 BC. The visitors get an insight into how the lives of Abu Dhabi residents improved under the rule of the Al Nahyan family.


Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St(2nd St),
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

Timing: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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The House of Artisans

 The handicrafts include palm frond braiding, weaving, and embroidery.

What is in store in the Cultural Foundation?

Cultural Foundation has undergone an extensive renovation in several phases and is a prime attraction of this place. It has Children’s Library, Indoor and open-air exhibition spaces, and a theatre and open-air amphitheater of 900 feet.

Daily activities and events Qasr Al Hosn

The place hosts quite q few activities and events every day.

  • The Guards opening ceremony
  • The Guards March
  • The Guards Closing Ceremony
  • AlRazfa or the Dance of Unity
  • Al Ayala Performance – This program promotes and nurtures the intangible legacy of the UAE. Poetry, performance, Music, words and customary handicrafts highlight the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO
  • Marine Traditions Demonstrations
  • Al-Taghrooda or Poetry in Song
  • AlRazfa or the Dance of Unity
  • The National Emblem of The UAE: Falcon show

The Qasr Al-Hosn Festival

 It features exhibitions, tours, competitions, demonstrations and workshops. Visitors can participate in activities for exploring Emirati culture that include traditional rope-making, Talli embroidery, khoos weaving, and more. The festival in 2019 will feature live dance and music shows and much more.

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Qasr Al Hosn – Everything You Wanted to Know