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Dubai Jobs for Expats


is one of the best international tourism destinations and people from all parts
of the world come here on vacations. It is a place with a lot of expatriates who have
settled here and working in various jobs. Foreigners often find Dubai as the most
exotic place to live and work. One of the best reasons to work here is the income tax-free salaries that help save a lot of money. People of different nationalities, cultural
backgrounds, and traditional values live here and work together. Thus making Dubai a
place best for the exchange in cultural values and ethics that help a person understand the
world better.

Working in Dubai

Unlike most countries, working in Dubai has many benefits. The hospitality is truly
appreciable and everyone here is treated with respect and friendliness. There is
absolutely no room for racism or any kind of differentiation. Hence people from all
over the world love working here. There is definitely a tough competition in the job
market here but not impossible to get a good job for all skill sets. Because tourism is
one of the biggest industries of Dubai, finding a job in tourism and hospitality sectors
is quite easy.

Dubai Jobs for Expats are plenty for skilled labours like construction workers, carpenters, plumbers, cleaners, painters, etc. However, professional and
qualified people get a lot of jobs too. Some of the best sectors to work in Dubai are
Hotel Industry, Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Retail and Technology.

Benefits of working in Dubai

Most foreigners choose Dubai as job destination because of the benefits it offers to the
employees including expatriates there. Working in Dubai or anywhere in UAE means
salary without any taxes which is the main reason people come here to work. Since
people from all over the world work here, you get to learn and understand the culture
and tradition of other countries. Since it is an exotic location for tourists, workers here
find quite a lot of options for relaxing and having fun which contributes to the work
life balance. The atmosphere here is absolutely stress-free and one can choose to work
in any sector where they have skills, regardless of their qualification and experience
backgrounds. Every expatriate here gets 30 days of paid vacation including round trip
ticket fare to their country. This vacation is offered every 12 months in most of the
companies here.

Disadvantages of working in Dubai

Like any other city, Dubai has its own disadvantages for workers too. This is a very
hot place and people sensitive to heat may find it hard to adjust to the climate as it
is hot for 8 constant months. However, centralised air conditioning is a plus point in
all offices and homes, people who hate heat may not find the city ideal. Since you
only get 30 days vacation once in a year, you tend to visit your country and end up
spending with relatives and friends instead of going to some exotic vacation spot.
Only married couples can stay together so if you and your girlfriend are planning to
find jobs there, then forget about living together.

Dubai can be a great place to work for people who can overcome their disadvantages.

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Dubai Jobs and Work Opportunities for Expats