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Dubai is much more than a city of tall skyscrapers. It is a city with a rich history and tradition. Camels are an integral part of Dubai’s history and are closely entwined with it. Camel racing in Dubai is one of the city’s favourite pastimes, a page straight out of its history, yet very much a part of its modern life. Dubai’s biggest camel racing track is just beside the Al Marmoon Heritage Village. While the glittering towers might make you forget that you’re actually in a desert city, the camel race takes you closer to Dubai’s roots, its history of the Bedouin culture.

Book a seat in the grandstand and capture the action through your binoculars. Trust me; you’ll have your heart pumping when you find yourself amongst the boisterous crowd cheering for the camels.

Be a Part of the Action, Enjoy!

The action starts the moment the gates are opened and the camels rush out into the track. It’s an action-packed morning with the trainers on 4x4s coaxing the camels to push for that extra effort. The racing season’s on from October to April and the races are held every Friday and Saturday early in the morning. You’ll enjoy the stiff competition among camel owners from all of UAE and even the neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

The Dubai Camel Racing Club, a Tourist Hotspot

Camel Racing in Dubai

The racing track is owned by the Dubai Camel Racing Club and is just beside the hospital and laboratory meant for camels. If you manage to reach the place early, you’ll even get the chance to get yourself clicked with the camels. You’ll be amazed to see how friendly they are just before they go all guns blazing, pushing for victory. This race is a unique showcase of Arab culture and gives you a glimpse of what has been a traditional form of entertainment in this desert land for ages.

How Changes Have Been Ushered In

Taking care to see that the race doesn’t lose its traditional identity, the race has at the same time been modernized. These days, you’ll find the camels being egged on by robot jockeys controlled by operators on SUVs. This change was introduced in 2002 and it significantly reduced the chances of accidents. You’ll find the drivers in the SUVs honking continuously, urging the camel to run faster.

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The Racing Camels, a Treat to Watch

It’s a high adrenaline experience when you watch the camels reach speeds of around 65 kilometres an hour. It’s a pure thrill with each camel striving hard to go one upon the other and the boisterous crowd cheering loudly. What’s more, entry to the races is absolutely free. All you’ve got to do is just reach there early in the morning at 6:30 am. The races continue till 2:30 pm. Do drop by as you wouldn’t want to miss what is a truly wonderful experience, one that’s unique to desert life.

  • Timing: Starts from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM
  • Start Date: 29th October 2020 End Date: 30th October 2020

Camel Racing, a Part of Arabian Life

Camel racing has always been a major attraction at weddings here. In fact, no wedding is considered complete without one. Camels are nurtured while they grow to be top racers. They are given the best of feed to make sure that their muscles develop well. A camel race never fails to enthral guests at weddings and they leave a happy lot once the celebrations are over. Of course, the camel race is always the top draw.


Despite the bother of having to wake up early, we urge you not to skip Camel racing in Dubai. It’s an experience you won’t ever forget. Do let us know how your experience at the race was. Did your camel win? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Camel Racing in Dubai 2020