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Sharjah Wildlife Park

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE President, gave the Bani Yas Island the status of a natural reserve in 1971. He understood the requirement for preserving endangered animals, mainly in Arabia and the UAE. Thus, the Arabian Wildlife Park came into being.

The park is at a distance of 250 km southwest from Abu Dhabi and is the biggest natural island in the UAE. This place is for the rehabilitation and breeding of animal and bird species. The park that is built on 1400 hectares houses various members of the animal kingdom. Among the 10,000 odd free-roaming animals here are the elegant Giraffe, the cheeky Ostrich, the Oryx, and more.

shade-Mammal Arabian Wildlife Park

This place is the natural habitat for animals that roam freely and gives visitors a safari-like experience. The number of trees and plants runs into several million.

The various attractions for visitors

This animal Park offers visitors various options to experience the rugged terrain and the indigenous flora and fauna.

  • The park has a viewing platform made from recycled materials. Visitors get an extensive view of the animals. The platform is high enough to see the giraffes in the eye as they graze the ecosystem
  • Visitors can get closer to the animals from a special boutique
  • Drives of this park in specially designed 4×4 vehicles are organized. An expert and veteran staff on board the vehicles will guide the tourists. During this drive, visitors can view several free-roaming animals. Some of them are the striped hyena, cheetah, black-buck, giraffe, hyrax, dugong and the endangered Arabian Oryx and gazelles.
  • A sightseeing journey riding a mountain bike is thrilling. There are various thrilling on-road and off-road tracks through the Wildlife Park that pass beaches, wadis, and lagoons
  • The clean waters that lap the Island are excellent for swimming and snorkelling
  • Several resorts on the Bani YasIsland organize animal-seeing trips, off-roading and snorkelling, and kayaking around the mangrove wetlands

How to Reach Arabian Wildlife Park

The park is at a distance of 8 km from the western coast of Abu Dhabi and 250 km from Abu Dhabi International Airport. Those driving to the park from Abu Dhabi or Dubai should take E11 highway towards Tarif and Mirfa. Then, they take Exit 142 and stop at the Jebel Dhana jetty. A water taxi takes them to Bani Yas Island.

Visitors can also fly down from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They can take a regional jet service starting from Al Bateen Executive Airport or a seaplane flight from Dubai.

Address: Al Dhaid Road, Interchange 9, Sharjah Rural, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971-6531-1999

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Book the Tour in Advance

Tourists must reserve an Arabian Wildlife park tour some days ahead of their date. Generally, the hotels on the Bani Yas Island and tour companies reserve on behalf of the visitors.

The park remains open to visitors on all days except Friday from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM. The entry fee is 15 AED. Please note that the timing may change based on season.


People on a visit to Abu Dhabi must go over to this wildlife park. They can view the endangered animal species better onboard buses and from a recycled platform. Arabian Wildlife Park makes an excellent outing for wildlife enthusiasts and families.

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Arabian Wildlife Park in Sharjah