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Hong Kong Travel Guide is an action-packed adventure awaiting the curious traveller who likes a little taste of everything. From mountain hikes to markets, beaches to brunches, skylines to speakeasies, high-rise streets to high-end boutiques, Hong Kong is a melting pot of it all – and more.

Here are 15 things to do in Hong Kong, curated from three trips (so far). A massive shout out to my friends who now live there and have fast-tracked the discovery of all these awesome adventures. This only scratches the surface of things to do in Hong Kong, so I can’t wait to get back for trip number four…

1.Enjoy panoramic views from The Peak

Possibly the top thing to do while in Hong Kong is to experience the iconic views from the top of The Peak. The quickest way to get to the top is on the Peak Tram, but there are multiple walking paths if you like to earn your mountain-top vista with a bit of uphill exercise. Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing point, where you can experience panoramic views, and if you like to see a city transform from day to night, then get here just before sunset.

Tip: If you buy The Peak Sky Pass for HK$99, you’ll get a return trip on the tram and access to the Sky Terrace. You can lower the costs by skipping the tram and/or the Sky Terrace if you’re on a budget.

2. Catch the Cable Car to Tian Tan Buddha

Ngong Ping 36- cable car at sunset in HK

This is essentially two awesome things to do in Hong Kong, packed into one afternoon adventure. Sitting on Lantau island, the big, bronze-seated Buddha is not to be missed. The Big Buddha, also known as Tian Tan Buddha, is Lantau’s most iconic attraction and the most enjoyable way to get there is via the cable car. You can hop on the Ngong Ping 360 from downtown Tung Chung to Ngong Ping; the sky-high journey will take you through the Ngong hills, across the mountains and along the ocean.

Tip: a return-trip will cost you around HK$235. If you’re feeling fancy, you can get a glass-bottom Crystal Cabin for HK$315.

3. Break the rules at a speakeasy

Hong Kong is dotted with hidden bars and speakeasies. So, if you want to transport yourself back to the prohibition era, then go in search of the hidden doors and alleyways where you can grab a quirky cocktail and be ‘Sssshh’d’ – just for the hell of it. Feather Boa was a top choice for some vintage vibes and frozen Daiquiris, but it has now closed down. Stockton Speakeasy is another one we found under a lightbulb down a dark alley, but its a lot more upscale, so you can expect prices to match.

4. Party on Lan Kwai Fong Street

Have you even been to Hong Kong if you haven’t bought cans from 7/11 and joined the Lan Kwai Fong street parties?! Lan Kwai Fong is a nightlife hotspot; it’s essentially a curved street, which is lined with restaurants and bars, but you can happily pop to 7/11 to buy drinks for your street-side antics. If you time your visit right, you’ll can catch one of the street carnivals; either way, you can expect everything from jelly-shot madness to upscale nightlife bars.

5. Explore the Mid Levels on the outdoor escalators

I love the Mid-Levels in Hong Kong; the famous outdoor escalators bring you up and down the city hills, and they are lined with pubs, restaurants, shops and more. You won’t regret taking an afternoon or evening and bar hopping your way from top to bottom – or vice versa. Make the most of happy hours and people watching from window terraces. Grab a neopolitan pizza at Motorino, sip on $35 happy hour cocktails at Ibirico & Co or enjoy a lazy evening at Peak Cafe. There are So(Ho) many bar options to discover along the escalators.

6. Eat novelty Dim Sum

Novelty Dim Sum is a thing. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you have more than likely seen the crazy food creations all over social media. The Cantonese dim-sum craze is worth exploring and you can get your hands (or chopsticks) on some of the best novelty dim sum in Hong Kong at Yum Cha; the BBQ piggy buns and the Hot Custard buns are a must.

If quirky food is not your thing, then swap the novelty dim sum for some fine-dining dim sum at Lei Garden. Lei Garden holds a Michelin star for its top-notch cuisine. so you can expect steamer baskets full of bite-sized goodness. There are even private dining rooms for those who want a bit of privacy.

7. Explore the streets of Mongkok

Mong Kok offers a glimpse of the lesser-known side of Hong Kong life – on the Kowloon peninsula. You can expect a myriad of street stalls, markets, bustling alleyways, hidden (and super cheap) massage rooms, plus a whole lot of people. It’s certainly not the place you go to relax, but if you’re looking to get to the heart of the everyday Hong Kong hustle, then this is where you’ll find your crazy, not-so-fancy adventures.

8. Soak up a sunset skyline from Eyebar

Sunset reflection from the rooftop terrace at Eyebar in Hong Kong

Sunsets over sunrises… any day. Mostly because sunset is an acceptable hour to kick back with happy hour cocktails and watch a city transform from day to night. If you’ve visited The Peak, then one of the best places to catch a spectacular sunset in Hong Kong is at Eyebar. Eyebar is a stunning rooftop bar in iSquare, that looks back at Hong Kong from Kowloon; it’s definitely one of the best vantage points in the city – especially if you want to watch Hong Kong’s sunset laser show (A Symphony of Lights). The laser show kicks off at 8pm every night, so you can linger after sunset and enjoy it all from Eyebar.

9. Explore the never-ending list of bars…

There is no shortage of bars in Hong Kong, so you’ll never quite be done. If you’re looking for some of the best bars in Hong Kong, you’ll have to do a little more research because I have only scratched the surface of what’s on offer. But if you’re happy with a handful of places that I’ve tried and tested then Varga is great for delicious cocktails in a vintage living room setting. Lily & Bloom is upmarket industrial and oozes some low-key romantic vibes. Le Jardin is a great option for drinks in an (almost) secret garden. And if all three are a bit too fancy for you, then go rogue and have some beer pong fun at Racks, a dive bar along Wyndham road.

10. Discover new restaurants

Again, it would be absolutely impossible for me to name the best restaurants in Hong Kong because the list is never-ending. The city is a melting pot of cultures, and you can expect a foodie scene to match. I’ll keep thing simple by recommending one breakfast spot – because everyone loves breakfast. The coffee and the Chorizo Avocado toast at The Cupping Room gets a massive ‘YES’ for being immensely tasty. Oh, and La Vache! SoHo is also a popular – and delicious – choice for unlimited fries and steak.

11. Snack on egg tarts

Hong Kong egg tarts or Portugese eggs tarts are a staple snack to seek out while roaming the streets of Hong Kong. There are plenty of bakeries dotted around the city, so there’s no shortage of options for those looking to create an Egg Tart travel guide. I’m giving a shout out to Queen Sophie’s as an un-egg-spected option.

12. Head to the beach at Repulse Bay

Just when you think you’ve seen a little bit of everything in Hong Kong, someone tells you there are beaches and boat parties. Possibly the most popular beach in Hong Kong, Repulse Bay is an upmarket neighborhood that boasts a crescent beach, a temple and a shoreline of dining options. So, if you fancy an afternoon of beach bar bliss and surfer-town vibes, then swing by Repulse Bay and base yourself at Lime Wood.

13. Party hard at the Hong Kong 7s

If you have ever been to a Rugby 7s weekend around the world, you’ll know that you’re in for a weekend of sporting (and drinking) fun. Expect fancy dress and some extreme antics in the wild South Stand (not suitable for kids!), and a more relaxed atmosphere around the rest of the stadium. If you can plan your trip around the rugby 7s weekends, then it’s a definite addition to any itinerary. The Hong Kong 7s will be held from 3-5 April 2020, so check it out.

14. Go for a hike

The lush, mountainous Ngong Hills of Hong Kong

If you want to escape the high-rises and city bustle, then one of the best things to do in Hong Kong, given its mountainous landscape, is to get outdoors and go for a hike. Hong Kong offers some serious trails with epic views, of which I have only done one small one from The Peak. However, here is a list of top trails that you can use as a starting point for discovering some seriously awesome landscapes.

15. Spend 24 hours in Macau

The TurboJet ferry takes you from Hong Kong to Macau, which was a Portuguese colony for over 400 years. When you cross the Pearl Delta river to Macau, you’ll quickly realise why the city has earned its nickname as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. The city is a wonderland of over-the-top hotels, high-rolling casinos, sky-high adventures and old-world charm.

Things to do in Macau include exploring the UNESCO-listed Old Taipa Village, which captures the fusion of European and Asian culture. While in the old village, make sure you stop off for a drink in the Old Taipa Tavern and pick up a Portuguese Egg Tart from Lord Stow while you aimlessly wander the back streets. Book a night in The Venetian Macau and catch a Gondola ride through the hotel’s waterways before hotel hopping to see the other extravagant resorts in the neighbouring areas. Hop on the Skycab Cable Car to Wynn Palace Hotel (yes, the hotel has its own cable car). But most importantly, have some fun on the casino slot machines… or, if you have the money to splurge, join the high-rollers for some big-boy bets. Like to live life on the edge? Take on the world’s highest bungee jump from the top of Macau Tower!

And that’s your action-packed guide to another of Asia’s top destinations. For more travel inspiration, check out top destinations around the world.

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15 Things to Do in Hong Kong | Travel HK