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These are 10 interesting activities that can be done for free with family in Dubai. It is not always true that you have to spend an arm and a leg for a luxurious stay out there in Dubai. In fact, you can go through oodles of fun and activities without costing you a dirham. So that’s fun, isn’t it? And here we are to give you a list of such activities and entertainment that you can go through just for free while you are in Dubai.

Top Free Family Activities in Dubai

These are the popular free activities that you can do with your Family in Dubai:

1) Go camping for Free

JBR Beach in Dubai

The many non-secluded and secluded places out there in Dubai are a free venue for camping. You can explore and choose a few spots in Dubai which is a few miles away from the city:

  • Al Dhafra Beach
  • Al Qudra Lakes
  • White Sands Beach, Dubai
  • Hajar Mountains

Camping is fun and you can choose some great camping zones and enjoy out there in the open with your children and family.

2) Free Gallery of Art at AlSerkal Avenue

So, if you are taking an easy day out away from the skyrocketing architectures, the malls and the busy entertainment arena in Dubai, you would be perhaps intrigued by this quiet haunt at AlSerkal Avenue.

AlSerkal Avenue in Dubai
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Here you can wander into the many pop-up-shops and walk into the Al Quoz Gallery. Amidst the large warehouses in this area, the Al Quoz is almost a treasure trove waiting to be explored and discovered. This place is a must-visit for free and a great place for enjoyment with friends and family. AlSerkal Avenue is also home for the Mirzam Chocolate factory and also a venue for the theatrical productions, concerts and workshops, and classes of art. 

3) Go Beaching for free

Access to Dubai Beach for free

Dubai has some wonderful, public beaches that you can explore for free and have all the beaching activities and fun at one go:

Go for a plunge at the Umm Suqeim Park Beach, the Kite Beach or for that matter, the JBR Beach in Dubai. Go for all the beach activities and let the children enjoy the sea to the heart’s fullest. 

You may also find the popular beaches of Dubai here.

4) Free Ras Al Khor Flamingos

Ras Al Khor Flamingos, Dubai

It is strange indeed how the best things in Nature seem to come for free in Dubai.

The entrance to this wondrous location is absolutely free and the huts are open from 9am to 4pm from Saturday to Thursday. The children will find it tremendous fun along with the adults in the family.

You may also visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary where Flamingos visits every year.

5) Free Walking Tour

Local market of Dubai

The walking tour is a thrilling part of the adventure and fun and enjoyment you have been looking to find in Dubai for free. There are companies who give out these tour activities all for free.

6) The Coffee Museum in Dubai

Coffee Museum

The name sounds interesting and so is the place. It is a quaint little village in the Al Fahindi neighborhood that holds the Coffee Museum. The antic little place tells you the history of coffee with all the artifacts relating to coffee. It has a coffee pot of 300 years.

The museum is replete with books on coffee, demonstrations of how coffee is roasted, and samples of coffee advertising.

7)  Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai

The Aquaventure Waterpark is all free for you to visit at the Palm Hotel in Dubai. . The offer is valid for the next six days after your birthday but you can only use it once.

8) Watch some Great Street Art for free

The graffiti in Dubai city which is otherwise awash with color is perhaps of the greatest caliber. Take your time out to glance at the stunning street art that surrounds the car parks, metro pillars, the buildings. It is time to explore these great works of fresco art on the buildings in and around the city.

9) Take a lively stroll around Dhow Yard

Try something out of the way in Dubai by visiting a Dhow yard. A dhow is a wooden boat that are used for entertainment rides in Dubai. You may visit the AL Jaddaf dhow building yard and take photos of the different boats. It is a fascinating way to explore and watch and go for clicks on and off.

10) Riding an Abra

Now riding an Abra is sheer fun if you know what it is all about. Well, the Abra is a kind of boat that you can ride on a journey on the Dubai creek.

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10 Popular Free Family Activities to do in Dubai (2020)